Buttonhole and Blanket Stitches

Buttonhole and Blanket Stitches are traditionally used to finish the edges of the fabric, as in a buttonhole or the raw edges of a soft, wooly fleece blanket. But they can also be used to outline a design element in an embroidery project, or as bands and borders. Buttonhole and blanket stitches can also be used to make wheels, circles and festoons.

There are literally dozens of variations – the buttonhole and blanket stitches shown below are just a few of my favorites. More variations of these stitches will be added as time permits.

For other types of stitches and stitch variations, visit the Embroidery Stitches page. If you’d like to try one of these stitches on a free pattern, visit out Free Patterns and Projects page and select your favorite technique. Then, download the pdf pattern and start your stitching!

Making Gesso Softies

Gesso Softies™ are fun, easy, paint-able projects that can be as simple, or as elaborate as you choose.

To make them, simply trace a pattern onto medium-weight cotton fabric (not broadcloth – it needs to be heavier, like canvas, twill or duck), stitch and stuff the shape. Then, coat the surface of the shape with Gesso before painting with acrylic craft paints and sealing the surface with matte, satin or glossy polyurethane. Continue Reading “Making Gesso Softies”

Making a Press’n Seal® Transfer

This tutorial utilizes something you may already have in your kitchen – Glad® Press’n Seal®  – and is a terrific way to transfer an embroidery design to thick fabrics, such as velvet or felt, or fabrics where the transferred design is difficult to see, such as on dark fabrics or printed fabrics.

It’s also a terrific way to transfer a design where you do not want to leave any residue or markings behind, or on a lightweight fabric that needs an extra bit of stability while working the embroidery.

I love the Press’n Seal® Transfer technique and have used in on a variety of fabrics. Here’s how to use it…

Press'n Seal® Transfer - 1


Continue Reading “Making a Press’n Seal® Transfer”

Printing Patterns

Whenever possible, we have provided the free patterns on this site full-size. Therefore, they need to be printed properly to be able to use them. It’s important that you know and understand your printer’s settings, so that you can fully enjoy the patterns the way they were intended.

Printing patterns full-size is actually easy. Feel free to print these instructions and keep them handy. Click here to download a Pattern Printing Test in PDF format. Continue Reading “Printing Patterns”

Summer Bouquet Needlepoint Pattern

Summer Bouquet Needlepoint PatternThis simple, free needlepoint pattern features a traditional Victorian-inspired summer floral bouquet worked in an earthy, monotone color scheme on brown mono canvas. It can be worked on white or natural-colored canvas as well, but I love the look of the colored canvas in this design.

I’ve finished stitching the project, but haven’t yet decided how I want to finish it. I seem to have more than enough framed needle art and pillows…

This a simple, charted design, worked from a chart. One square on the chart is equal to one stitch on the canvas, with the background area worked over 2 threads.

So far, I’m very pleased with the project, and look forward to figuring out what to do with it!

Additional free projects in a variety of needlework techniques can be found on the Patterns and Projects page, or visit the main page for the blog or to sign up for the newsletter. Continue Reading “Summer Bouquet Needlepoint Pattern”

Embroidered Scarf – Free Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered Scarf - Free Embroidery PatternFeeling a bit chilly during the dark, cold winter months? Warm up your winter wardrobe by stitching this stylish Embroidered Scarf   – an exclusive FREE embroidery pattern from NeedleKnowledge®.

The scarf is assembled using three different cuts of cotton quilting fabric, and embroidered using basic embroidery stitches. The embroidery is featured on one side, while a contrasting lining livens up the other side. Continue Reading “Embroidered Scarf – Free Embroidery Pattern”

Home Sentiment Pillow in Traditional Embroidery

Home Sentiment Pillow in Traditional EmbroideryStitch this pretty sentiment for your home and display it on the sofa or a favorite chair. Or, make the project as housewarming gift for a special friend or new neighbor.

The project is worked in traditional embroidery stitches and can be finished as a pillow (as shown) or framed as art. Either way, it’s a nice way to express your love of home, sweet home. Continue Reading “Home Sentiment Pillow in Traditional Embroidery”