Stem Stitch

Stem Stitch or outline stitch is commonly used to make a thin outline around a shape. It can also be used as the stems and tendrils in a floral design, and can be made thicker by working the stitch over, rather than along, the marked line.

Stem stitch can also be used as a very pretty filling stitch. This is done by working rows of stitching close together. You can work the filling in the same color, or shade the area using different colors. Keep the length of each stitch the same for consistency when working the filled area. Continue Reading “Stem Stitch”

Autumn Acorn Medallion in Cross Stitch

Free Cross Stitch Pattern - Autumn AcornCelebrate Autumn by stitching this pretty acorn and leaf medallion. The completed embroidery design can be finished as an ornament or as a biscornu – you can even frame it if you prefer. The design is worked in basic cross stitch, with the tendril accents worked in back stitch. It’s quick and easy to stitch and is perfect for the beginning stitcher. Continue Reading “Autumn Acorn Medallion in Cross Stitch”

Scatter Stitches

Stitches that can be worked singly, without being attached to another stitch are called scatter stitches. These are the most common scatter stitches used in projects featured on this site, but there are many more. These include both single and compound stitches that are worked individually, like the tulip or wheatear stitches (members of the chain stitch family) or the fly stitch. Continue Reading “Scatter Stitches”

Yellow Blossoms Sheets Free Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Pattern - Yellow Blossoms SheetsStitch a dainty design on a set of ready-made bed sheets using this free embroidery pattern, Add a bit of lace and ribbon, and you have your own designer sheets, created by you!  The colors can easily be adapted to your own decor, and the repeating design in easy to stitch using just stem and detached chain – or a partial lazy daisy. Continue Reading “Yellow Blossoms Sheets Free Embroidery Pattern”

Free Pattern – Yellow Blossoms

Free Pattern - Yellow Blossoms Embroidered SheetsJust in time for some Spring stitching!  The Yellow Blossoms FREE pattern for hand embroidery features a dainty design stitched on a set of ready-made bed sheets. Add a bit of lace and ribbon, and you have your own designer sheets, created by you!

The colors can easily be adapted to your own decor, and the repeating design in easy to stitch using just stem stitch and detached chain – or a partial lazy daisy.

You can find this free pattern – and other patterns – on the Free Patterns and Projects section of the web site.


Continue Reading “Free Pattern – Yellow Blossoms”

Fern, Feather and Fly Stitches

Fern, feather and fly stitches produce light, airy lines that can be used in bands and borders, to outline objects, or as an element of a design. Many of the stitches can be used to imitate natural textures, such as fronds, seaweed or pine needles.

There are many variations or fern, feather, and fly stitches, and many can be classified under more than one category. For example, the wheatear stitch is worked similarly to the fly stitch or fern stitch, but also features a looped stitch. Continue Reading “Fern, Feather and Fly Stitches”

Chevron Stitches

Chevron Stitches are stitches using a combination of diagonal stitches capped with straight stitches. These stitches look terrific used in borders or as bands in a project.

Chevron stitches can be worked as counted stitches, or pre-marked on the fabric and worked as surface stitches. The most common variations that you will find in projects from NeedleKnowledge are the basic chevron stitchdouble chevron stitch, along with variations of the laced chevron stitch. Continue Reading “Chevron Stitches”