Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4

We’ve ready to complete the project! This week, in the Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4 we’re stitching the border around the completed flag. If you’ve missed any of the other 3 parts of the SAL, you can find them here. Also, to make it easy for you to print and save the project for later use, I’ll be posting a single-page PDF of the charts.

As for the previous steps in the project, we’re using 2 strands of the blue 6-strand floss in the needle. If you have made a thread substitution in the project, continue using the same weight of thread.

Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4

Referring to the chart, stitch the zigzag border spacing it two fabric threads from the red strips. When using the graph, remember that each line in the graph is equal to one thread in the fabric, making it easy to see where to begin stitching.

Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4 - Graph

Work a diagonal stitch from the lower left to the upper right. Then insert your needle up through the back of the fabric at the lower right and down into the fabric in the same hole as the “downward” motion of the previous stitch.


When you get to the corners, keep in mind that the little corner motif does not line up perfectly at the corners. As you can see in the image above, the stitches align at the bottom with the long upper and lower borders, but the sides extend one thread beyond the side borders. The finished corner motif – being just one thread off – looks like it lines up when viewing the project from a distance, but it does not line up perfectly. No one will know but you and me…  :-)

Now that you have completed the stitching, finish your project as a an ornament (finishing directions for a padded ornament are here) or frame your completed embroidery in a standard 4×6″ pre-made frame.

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