Stitch of the Week – Rice Stitch

Working the Rice Stitch in Two Colors

Our featured embroidery stitch this week is the Rice Stitch. It’s a favorite among needlepointers, but is also a gorgeous stitch to work in a counted thread embroidery project as a filling, or in bands and borders.

The stitch is formed in two parts. In the first part, a large cross stitch is made. In the second part, a stitch is worked over each leg of the cross stitch.

Samples of the Rice Stitch

Rice Stitch can be worked in a solid color, as shown in the sample to the left, or two colors. In the center sample, I have worked all of the cross stitches in green, and then the stitches that are worked across each leg are worked in lavender. In the sample to the right, I’ve alternated the colors of the cross stitches and the leg stitches.

Each version of the rice stitch has a completely different look. Experiment to see what types of variations you can create!

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