Jazz Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring Wardrobe - Embroidered PurseUse embroidery to jazz up your Spring wardrobe by stitching on pre-made items, like purses, shoes, scarves, belts and blouses!

In this example, I’ve used basic embroidery stitches to embellish a purse I found on sale at a chain store for a whopping six bucks (USD $6).

I won’t name the store, but it starts with a dubba-ya…

When embroidering on ready-made items, just keep the same embroidery rules in mind as you stitch – avoid knots, use a hoop when you can, and pre-wash any item that will be laundered after working the embroidery.

Also, make sure you are embroidering on the surface of the item so that you don’t accidentally close off a pocket or flap by stitching through them.

Stitches used in this purse include back stitch, lazy daisy, detached chain, cross stitch, French knots and French knots with tails. The sample was featured in the book Embroidery Basics.


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