• Saturday , 19 August 2017

Back Stitches

Back Stitches are worked in a forward-and-back motion, creating a narrow line of stitches that can be used as a solid line or band in a design, or used to outline an area. The size of the stitches should be kept consistent for tidy, evenly-spaced results.

After working the back stitch, it can be enhanced by working a second thread through the stitching by threading or whipping, creating a decorative stitch. The basic back stitch is shown below, along with three easy variations.

For other types of stitches and stitch variations, visit the Embroidery Stitches page. If you’d like to try one of these stitches on a free pattern, visit out Free Patterns and Projects page and select your favorite technique. Then, download the pdf pattern and start your stitching!

Basic Back Stitches

Basic Back Stitch

Threaded Back Stitches

Threaded Back Stitch

Whipped Back Stitches

Whipped Back Stitch

Pekinese Stitch Worked around Back Stitches

Pekinese Stitch

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