• Saturday , 19 August 2017

Buttonhole and Blanket Stitches

Buttonhole and Blanket Stitches are traditionally used to finish the edges of the fabric, as in a buttonhole or the raw edges of a soft, wooly fleece blanket. But they can also be used to outline a design element in an embroidery project, or as bands and borders. Buttonhole and blanket stitches can also be used to make wheels, circles and festoons.

There are literally dozens of variations – the buttonhole and blanket stitches shown below are just a few of my favorites. More variations of these stitches will be added as time permits.

For other types of stitches and stitch variations, visit the Embroidery Stitches page. If you’d like to try one of these stitches on a free pattern, visit out Free Patterns and Projects page and select your favorite technique. Then, download the pdf pattern and start your stitching!

Blanket Stitches

Basic Blanket Stitch

Variations of Blanket Stitches

Blanket Stitch with Variations in Stitch Length

Buttonhole Stitches Worked as a Festoon

Buttonhole Stitch Worked as a Swag or Festoon

Crossed Buttonhole Stitches

Crossed Buttonhole Stitch

Closed Buttonhole Stitch

Closed Buttonhole Stitch

Up-and-Down Buttonhole stitches

Up-and-Down Buttonhole stitch

Paris or Parisian Stitch

Paris or Parisian Stitch

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