• Saturday , 19 August 2017

Darning Stitches for Embroidery

Darning Stitches are sturdy stitches that were widely used for mending. Many of us remember our grandmothers and mothers mending socks, pants and household items using darning stitches worked in a variety of patterns. However, the decorative versions of these stitches are not just for mending!

You can use darning stitches to create gorgeous, textured bands and borders, and in many cases the backside of the work is identical to the front. Darning stitches can be worked as running stitches, cables, or in decorative geometric designs. Ditch the notion of mending and use darning stitches as design elements in your embroidery!

For other types of embroidery stitches and stitch variations, visit the Embroidery Stitches page. If you’d like to try one of these stitches on a free pattern, visit out Free Patterns and Projects page and select your favorite technique. Then, download the pdf pattern and start your stitching!

Japanese Darning

Japanese Darning Stitch

Running Darning Stitches

Running Darning Stitch

Cable Darning Stitches

Cable Darning Stitch

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