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Herringbone Stitches

Herringbone stitches are some of my favorite stitches. They’re easy to work and make a pretty band or border on traditional embroidery, counted thread and cross stitch projects. They also look as nice worked around a curve as they do when worked along a straight line.

When working herringbone stitches on a traditional, surface embroidered project, the stitching lines will need to be carefully marked on the fabric using your preferred transfer method. When worked in a counted thread or cross stitch project, use the threads in the fabric to space your stitches.

Variations on the herringbone stitch include the double herringbonetied herringbone, threaded or laced herringbone, and closed herringbone. I have shown several variations below, and will add more over time.

For other types of embroidery stitches and stitch variations, visit the Embroidery Stitchespage. If you’d like to try one of these stitches on a free pattern, visit out Free Patterns and Projects page and select your favorite technique. Then, download the pdf pattern and start your stitching!

If you’d like to try a free project that uses herringbone stitch, the project pages for the Redwork Chicken Towel, where the herringbone stitch was used as a border, or the Easter Egg SAL where the double version was used as a band in the egg.

Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone Stitch

Double Herringbone Stitches

Double Herringbone Stitch
Notice placement of needle on 2nd pass.

Closed Herringbone Stitches

Closed Herringbone

Tied Herringbone

Tied Herringbone

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