Brighton Stitch

Brighton Stitch is worked in two colors and is comprised of an upright cross stitch in the first color, framed by a group of diagonal stitches in a second color.

When the stitches are combines as shown below, the stitch makes a really pretty, textured filling stitch. You can also use the stitches individually, or in rows to make an interesting band.

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Chevron Stitch

The Chevron Stitch is an upright stitch worked in rows of varying lengths. The stitches are worked in up and down diagonal rows or waves and the stitch is often used in bargello projects. Use the stitch to fill an area, or in rows to make an interesting band. Use two or more colors in this stitch.

Chevron Stitch worked in 3 colors

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Algerian Stitch and Variations

The Algerian Stitch is most commonly seen worked as an eyelet stitch, but there is also a plaited version that is similar to a fish bone stitch.

When working the Algerian stitch as an eye or eyelet, the stitch can be worked over any number of threads in the canvas. When worked over a single thread, the result is a very small star that has the illusion of a large center opening. When worked over two or more thread, it looks more like a double cross stitch with a small hole in the center. Continue Reading “Algerian Stitch and Variations”

Starry Night Stitch (AKA: Milky Way)

The Starry Night stitch – sometimes known as the Milky Way stitch, looks fabulous when worked on dark sky areas of a canvas in white and a secondary color.  It positively twinkles like a sky full of stars!

The starry night stitch is worked in horizontal rows, starting at the left and working to the right for odd numbered rows. Turn the canvas over to work the even-numbered rows in the opposite direction.

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Scotch Stitch and Scotch Variations

Scotch Stitch is an easy-to-work stitch that has a wide variety of variations. This stitch can be used to add pretty textured fills to any shape in your needlepoint project. Many of the stitches can be worked in one, two or more colors, and have a very graphic look to them when worked in more than one color. Continue Reading “Scotch Stitch and Scotch Variations”