Lattice Stitch

The Lattice Stitch is a composite stitch. It’s made using an upright cross stitch worked over two threads, surrounded by diagonal stitches worked over two intersections.I have found it easier to work the diagonal framing stitches first, and then fill them with the colored, upright cross stitches.

This stitch looks best worked in two or more colors (I used 3 colors in the sample). Use it to fill large areas of a design, or as a background, or in bands and borders.  You could even use the upright cross stitches to form a pattern within the area stitched.

While the sample shown here looks very Easter or Spring-like (I’m thinking of using it as an Easter Egg filling), a simple change of the colors from pastels to the colors of turning leaves can transform the stitch into a perfect Autumn textured stitch, or use red, green and white for a Christmas project.

Lattice Stitch

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