Basic Embroidery Stitches

Ready to work embroidery stitches

Most traditional hand embroidery stitches are formed from a small group of basic stitches, forming variations of a stitch.  These variations can be used to stitch bands and borders, outline a design, or fill it up entirely with stitches.  Select from the stitch family below to see a variety of stitches that can be worked by varying the parent stitch.

This type of embroidery goes by many names including hand embroidery, traditional embroidery, surface embroidery, freestyle embroidery, etc. The actual term used may depend entirely on the actual project. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s one of my favorites!

You can use the stitches to work one of our free embroidery patterns! Visit the Free Embroidery Patterns page to select from a variety of projects. To learn about other types of stitches, visit the Main Stitches Page.