Stitches for Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch projects use simple 2-part diagonal stitch that cross in the center – hence the name. It’s often the first stitch most embroidery aficionados learn because it’s so easy to work and and can used to create a variety of projects, for easy to advanced skill levels.

When working your projects, make sure all of the stitches cross in the same direction – especially if you tend to turn your fabric as you stitch. This keeps the stitches uniform and makes for a tidy project.

Most stitchers are familiar with this basic embroidery stitch, but there are several additional stitches that go hand-in-hand when working a design on evenweave fabric or Aida. These include the partial stitches around the edges of a stitches area, outline stitches to highlight an area, and star stitches, which are also shown below.

If you are looking for other types of embroidery stitches, check out the main stitch diagrams page.

Cross Stitch and Partial Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch and Partial Cross Stitch

Back Stitch for Cross Stitch

Back Stitch

Holbein Stitch for Cross Stitch

Holbein Stitch


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