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Christmas Memories Quilt SAL

Christmas Memories SALThe Christmas Memories Quilt SAL starts on Tuesday, July 1st of 2014!

This SAL will feature a free quilt pattern with the complete set of patterns and instructions for making a 52″ wide x 62″ long lap quilt. The first part will feature the materials list that you can print, along with a printable version of the Color Keyshown here.

This quilt is completely pieced. Don’t let all the little pieces scare you – the quilt is actually very easy to piece together, and I’ll be breaking it all down into small chunks for you.

Note that the patterns for this quilt must be printed full size. If you need help with printer settings, refer to the Pattern Printing Tips page in the Knowledge Nuggets section of the web site.  If you do not print the patterns full-size, they won’t fit together properly and your border measurements will be off. Printing full-size is not difficult, but you do have to manipulate your printer settings. Just think of it as a learning opportunity, and a way to get to know your equipment…

Each section of the quilt during the SAL will feature a PDF pattern you can download on themain project page. As each section of the SAL posts, a blog will be released and the material posted to the main page, so if you miss a blog, you can easily catch up. Once the SAL has been completed, the individual pattern pages will be replaced by one giant PDF file, making it easier for you to print and save the pattern for later use.

Join us!

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