Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 4

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Reindeer BlockWe’re moving right along on the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL and have already pieced the Holly Blocks and the Star Blocks. This week we’re cutting and stitching the two Reindeer Blocks.

To make the blocks, download the patterns for Part 4. If you’ve missed and of the previous 3 parts, you can find them on the Christmas Memories SAL Main Page.

Cut the pieces: From the brown fabric cut six (6) A squares, four (4) B triangles, four (4) T rectangles, two (2) U pieces, two (2) D pieces and four (4) Zrectangles.

Cut two (2) X pieces from the deep red fabric.

From the off-white fabric cut four (4) P pieces, two(2) U squares, two (2) B triangles, two (2) W rectangles and six (6) V strips.

Christmas Memories SAL - Reindeer Head Unit

Assemble the Blocks: Using 1/4 inch seam allowances throughout, stitch together the two head units (Fig. 6) and two body units (Fig. 7). Press the seam allowances towards the darker fabrics.

Stitch the head units and body units together to make a block.

Christmas Memories SAL - Reindeer Body Unit

Next week we’ll assemble the two tree blocks that flank each side of the larger central block.

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