Christmas Memories SAL – Part 3

In Part 3 of the Christmas Memories SAL we’re cutting and assembling the Star Blocks for the quilt. These blocks are used at the corners of the inner area of the quilt. Click here if you’ve missed any of the previous parts of the SAL. The link will take you to the main SAL page.

To make the blocks, download the PDF pattern for Part 3 and cut the following:

From the pale gold fabric cut sixteen (16) aa pieces. Reverse the pattern and cut an additional sixteen (16) aa pieces reversed from the deep gold fabric. From the deep blue fabric cut sixteen (16) Y squares and sixteen (16) bb triangles.

Christmas Memories SAL Part 3 - Star Block Step 1

Seam allowances are 1/4-inch for this project. Set in one bb triangle between one pale gold aapiece and one deep gold aa piece to make the star units. Finger press the seam allowances towards the blue fabric. Make 16 of these units (Fig. 4).

Christmas Memories SAL Part 3 - Star Block Step 2

Stitch four of the star units with 4 of the blue Y squares to make a block. Finger press the seam allowances towards the blue fabric. Make 4 of these blocks (Fig. 5).

TIP: Patterns for the set-in pieces, such as the bb, Y and aa pieces have a dot in the seam line where intersecting seam allowances converge. When setting in these pieces, stitch just to the circles indicated on the pattern pieces. This allows for pucker-free set-in seams. Do not stitch into the intersecting seam allowances!

Next up in the SAL – Cutting and assembling the reindeer blocks.

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