Christmas Memories Quilt SAL

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Finished QuiltWelcome to the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL!

This stitch-along will feature the complete set of patterns and instructions for making this 52″ wide x 62″ long lap quilt. Sorry the image of the finished quilt isn’t the best – I will try to get a better image soon.

The quilt is completely pieced. Don’t let all the little pieces scare you – the quilt is actually very easy to piece together, and I’ll be breaking it all down into small chunks for you.

Note that the patterns for this quilt must be printed full size. If you need help with printer settings, refer to the Pattern Printing Tips page in the Knowledge Nuggets section of the web site.  If you do not print the patterns full-size, they won’t fit together properly and your border measurements will be off. Printing full-size is not difficult, but you do have to manipulate your printer settings. Just think of it as a learning opportunity, and a way to get to know your equipment…

Each section of the quilt during the SAL will feature a PDF pattern you can download here on the main project page or from each blog post.  If you miss a blog post, visit this page for the items you’ve missed.

The SAL has now been completed, and the individual PDFs have been replaced with a single PDF featuring the entire project, making it easier to print for later use.

DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE. It’s a large one, so it will take some time to load.

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Materials List

Part 1

Gather your materials. You will need the following supplies. You can download a printable copy of the Christmas Memories Supply List here or click on the image.

Be sure to pre-wash and press all of your fabrics before starting the project. This will avoid any shrinkage when laundering the finished quilt, and will remove any excess dyes.

Note that the colors in the materials list correspond to the Color Key.Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Color Key

You can see an image of the key below, or download a PDF of the Christmas Memories Color Key and keep it handy for reference (if needed). Click on the link of the image to access the PDF.

The quilt contains 14 different fabrics. Feel free to use fat quarters or fabrics from your stash in this project. With the exception of the borders and sashing, as long as they total the yardage needed, they can be used.

Part 2

In Part 2 we’re cutting the sashing and border strips (we’ll set them aside for later use), and cutting and assembling the Holly Blocks.

All seam allowances are 1/4 inch and are included in the given measurements. Press seams as you work, and always press towards the darker fabrics whenever possible. Smaller pieces can be Finger Pressed as you stitch to save time and trips to the ironing board.

Step 1 – Cut the Sashing and Border Pieces

Cut the Borders, Sashing and Cornerstones:From the light red print fabric cut four (4) strips 1-1/2″ x 18-1/2″, 8 strips 1-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ and four (4) strips 1-1/2″ x 28-1/2″ for the sashing.

From the pale gold fabric cut two (2) strips 1-1/2″ x 38-1/2″ for the interior border side strips and two (2) strips 1-1/2″ x 30-1/2″ for the interior border top and bottom strips. Cut two (2) 1-1/2″x52-1/2″ strips for the first outer border side strips and two (2) strips 1-1/2″ x 40-1/2″ for the first outer border top and bottom strips.

From the deep blue fabric cut two (2) strips 1-1/2″ x 52-1/2″ for the second outer border sides strips and two (2) strips 1-1/2″ x 42-1/2″ for the second outer border top and bottom strips. Cut four (4) squares of deep green fabric 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ for the second outer border cornerstones.

From the deep red cut two (2) strips 4-1/2″ x 54-1/2″ for the third outer border side strips and two (2) 4-1/2″ x 44-1/2″ strips for the third outer border top and bottom strips. Cut four (4) squares of deep gold 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ for the third outer border cornerstones.

Set the sashing strips, borders and cornerstones aside while you assemble the blocks.

Step 2 – Cut and Assemble the Holly Blocks

From the deep red cut thirty two (32) A squares from the deep red, thirty two (32) A squares from the light red, sixty four (64) ii pieces from light green and sixty four (64) ii pieces from the deep green. From the off-white cut one hundred ninety two (192) B triangles, and thirty two (32) jj triangles.


Referring to the diagram above, stitch two B triangles to each red A square. Stitch one light green and one deep green ii piece to each side of the A/B unit to make a triangle unit (Fig. 1).

Stitch one jj triangle to each triangle unit to make a berry square (Fig. 2).

Stitch one B triangle to each end of the green ii pieces. Stitch the deep green ii unit to the left side of each berry square. Stitch one light red A square to the right-hand side of the light green ii unit and stitch this unit to the top of the berry square to make a block.

Part 3

From the pale gold fabric cut sixteen (16) aa pieces. Reverse the pattern and cut an additional sixteen (16) aa pieces reversed from the deep gold fabric. From the deep blue fabric cut sixteen (16) Y squares and sixteen (16) bb triangles.


Seam allowances are 1/4-inch for this project. Set in one bb triangle between one pale gold aapiece and one deep gold aa piece to make the star units. Finger press the seam allowances towards the blue fabric. Make 16 of these units (Fig. 4).


Stitch four of the star units with 4 of the blue Y squares to make a block. Finger press the seam allowances towards the blue fabric. Make 4 of these blocks (Fig. 5).

TIP: Patterns for the set-in pieces, such as the bb, Y and aa pieces have a dot in the seam line where intersecting seam allowances converge. When setting in these pieces, stitch just to the circles indicated on the pattern pieces. This allows for pucker-free set-in seams. Do not stitch into the intersecting seam allowances!

Part 4


Cut the pieces: From the brown fabric cut six (6) A squares, four (4) B triangles, four (4) Trectangles, two (2) U pieces, two (2) D pieces and four (4) Z rectangles.

Cut two (2) X pieces from the deep red fabric.

From the off-white fabric cut four (4) P pieces, two(2) U squares, two (2) B triangles, two (2) Wrectangles and six (6) V strips.


Christmas Memories SAL - Reindeer Head Unit

Assemble the Blocks: Using 1/4 inch seam allowances throughout, stitch together the two head units (Fig. 6) and two body units (Fig. 7). Press the seam allowances towards the darker fabrics.

Stitch the head units and body units together to make a block.

Christmas Memories SAL - Reindeer Body Unit

Part 5

Next, we’ll cut and assemble the two long Tree Blocks that will flank the center block.

From the deep green fabric cut six (6) ee pieces. From the light green cut six (6) ee pieces and
two (2) cc pieces. From the brown fabric cut two (2) gg pieces.

From the off-white fabric cut four (4) hh rectangles, two (2) dd pieces and two (2) dd pieces
reversed (r), twelve (12) ff pieces and twelve (12) ff pieces reversed (r).


Stitch a dd and dd(r) piece to each side of the cc pieces to make the tip of the tree (fig. 8).

Stitch an ff and ff(r) piece to each side of the ee pieces to make the branches (Fig. 9).

Stitch one hh to each side of the gg pieces to make the trunk unit (Fig. 10).

Stitch together one tree tip with 3 light green and three deep green branch units and one trunk
unit as shown to make a tree block (Fig. 11).

Part 6

This week in the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL we are making the Santa block, which is made in separate sections including the head, left and right arms, the center body, head and leg sections.The block forms the center of the quilt and is the largest block. This is also thefinal block before assembling the quilt top.

We have already cut and assembled the holly blocks, star blocks, the reindeer and tree blocks. If you have missed any part of the SAL, click the link for the main SAL page given in the paragraph below.

Cut the following pieces for the single Santa Block:
  • From the light blue print cut two (2) A pieces, two (2) L pieces, one (1) D piece, one (1) Ipiece and one (1) reversed (r) I piece, one (1) H piece and one (1) reversed (r) H piece and one (1) S piece.
  • From the deep blue fabric cut two (2) A pieces.
  • From the pale peach fabric cut three (3) C pieces and two (2) E pieces.
  • From the pale pink fabric cut one (1) A piece.
  • From the black fabric cut two (2) J pieces.
  • From the deep green fabric cut two (2) P pieces.
  • From the off-white fabric cut one (1) F piece. Transfer markings to the piece.
  • From the white fabric cut one (1) D strip, one (1) M strip, one (1) N strip and two (2) Pstrips.
  • From the red fabric cut one (1) R piece and one (1) reversed (r) R piece. Cut two (2) Opieces,
    one (1) G piece, one (1) D piece, two (2) B pieces, two (2) P pieces and two (2) K pieces.
Assemble the Santa Block:

Using a 1/4″ seam allowance and off-white thread, assemble the block.

To make Santa’s hat section, stitch one blue H and one reversed H to the red G triangle (Fig. 12). Stitch one blue L to one red R, white P,
Green Q, and one red P piece to make Santa’s left arm (Fig. 13).

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Assembly 2

Stitch the hat section above the arm unit to make a strip. This is the left-hand side of the Santa block (Fig. 14). Assemble Santa’s right-hand
side by making a mirror image of Santa’s left arm (using the reversed I and R pieces) and topping off with a blue S piece (Fig. 15).

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Assembly 3

Stitch one red and one white D strip together. Alternate two deep blue A pieces with 3 pale peach C pieces. Stitch one pale peach E piece to
each side of one red A piece. Stitch these three units together to form Santa’s head (Fig. 16)

Stitch one red B triangle to each lower corner of the white F piece. transfer markings to F piece (Fig. 17) to make the beard section. Stitch
one red O piece to each side of the white N piece to make the belly section (Fig. 18).

Stitch the head section, beard section and belly section together to form Santa’s body. Stitch the left and right arm section to Santa’s body.

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Assembly 1

To make the leg sections, stitch the L, KA and J units together – one facing left and one facing right (Fig. 19).

Stitch the leg sections to each side of the blue D strip and stitch the white M strip across the top of the resulting unit (Fig 20) to make the leg section. Stitch the leg section to Santa’s body section (Fig. 21) to complete the Santa Block.


To finish the quilt top, refer to the main diagram below, and the PDF pattern.

Stitch the blocks together with the sashing to form the quilt center. Stitch the strips cut in Part 1 to the quilt center. Layer the quilt top with your backing and batting and finish as desired.



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