• Wednesday , 22 March 2017

Potted Pumpkins – Quilting and Sewing

 Potted Pumpkins Topiary - Quilting and Sewing

NeedleKnowledge® isn’t just for embroidery and needlepoint. We like Quilting and Sewing projects too!

Whip up a bushel-full of these quick and easy fabric pumpkins, and mount them on weathered, dry twigs scavenged from your own backyard to create these fun, seasonal topiary trees.

The pumpkins are made from circles of fabric gathered around fiberfill stuffing, wound with thread to create ridges, and topped with twigs and artificial silk leaves.

You can use the pumpkins individually as accent decorations, or wire a bunch of them to a wreath (see below). There are so many different possibilities from this simple idea.

Materials Needed for Each Potted Pumpkin:
  • scraps of cotton quilting and sewing fabrics in assorted orange prints ranging in size from 8 x8 inches to 12×12 inches
  • orange all-purpose sewing thread
  • long, sharp hand sewing needle
  • polyester fiberfill for stuffing
  • size 5 pearl cotton in orange
  • 3-inch tall terracotta flower pots (plain or painted)
  • florist’s foam
  • florist’s moss
  • dry, 1/2-inch diameter twigs
  • tacky glue
  • artificial silk leaves

Download the PottedPumpkins PDF, or follow the directions given below.

Cut the twigs into lengths measuring 3, 4 and 5 inches. Cut 8-inch diameter and 12-inch diameter circles from the fabric.

Using a double length of the all purpose thread and the hand sewing needle, gather the edges of the 8-inch fabric circle using a running stitch. Before pulling the gathered circle closed, stuff lightly with fiberfill. Tug the thread to gather, leaving a 1/2-inch opening.

Insert the 3-inch length of twig and gather tightly around the twig. Fasten off the thread and dab the area where the twig meets the fabric with glue. Allow the glue to dry completely. Repeat with the 12-inch circle using the 4-inch length of twig.

Thread the needle with an 18-inch length of pearl cotton and knot the end of the thread. Bring the needle up through the bottom of each pumpkin shape , exiting near the twig at the top. Tug the thread gently to bury the knot in the fabric.

Wrap the thread around the pumpkin by bringing the needle back through the bottom of the pumpkin, exiting near the stem. Repeat 4 to 5 times to make the pumpkin ridges.

Pumpkin Wreath - Quilting and SewingGlue a silk leaf to each pumpkin. If making ornaments, stop here and use the pumpkins as they are, or to make the potted version, fill the flower pot with florist foam, having thet top of the foam 1/2 inch from the top of the pot.

Glue moss to the foam.

Insert the 5-inch twig into the foam, securing with a dab of glue. Place the larger pumpkin on top of the twig in the pot and glue in place. when dry, glue the smaller pumpkin to the twig protruding from the lower pumpkin and allow to dry.

The pumpkins can also be wired to a straw wreath, or piled in a basket.

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