Yellow Blossoms Sheets Free Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Pattern - Yellow Blossoms SheetsStitch a dainty design on a set of ready-made bed sheets using this free embroidery pattern, Add a bit of lace and ribbon, and you have your own designer sheets, created by you!  The colors can easily be adapted to your own decor, and the repeating design in easy to stitch using just stem and detached chain – or a partial lazy daisy. Continue Reading “Yellow Blossoms Sheets Free Embroidery Pattern”

2014 Easter Egg SAL and Free Embroidery Pattern

2014 Easter Egg - Free Embroidery Pattern

Welcome to our first annual Easter Egg SAL for the month of March, 2014, featuring a free embroidery pattern!

In this SAL, we’re going to make a puffed Easter egg using traditional hand embroidery stitches in bright, sunny colors of 6-strand embroidery floss. You can download the free embroidery pattern for the egg here on this page. Continue Reading “2014 Easter Egg SAL and Free Embroidery Pattern”

Embroidered Scarf – Free Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered Scarf - Free Embroidery PatternFeeling a bit chilly during the dark, cold winter months? Warm up your winter wardrobe by stitching this stylish Embroidered Scarf   – an exclusive FREE embroidery pattern from NeedleKnowledge®.

The scarf is assembled using three different cuts of cotton quilting fabric, and embroidered using basic embroidery stitches. The embroidery is featured on one side, while a contrasting lining livens up the other side. Continue Reading “Embroidered Scarf – Free Embroidery Pattern”

Home Sentiment Pillow in Traditional Embroidery

Home Sentiment Pillow in Traditional EmbroideryStitch this pretty sentiment for your home and display it on the sofa or a favorite chair. Or, make the project as housewarming gift for a special friend or new neighbor.

The project is worked in traditional embroidery stitches and can be finished as a pillow (as shown) or framed as art. Either way, it’s a nice way to express your love of home, sweet home. Continue Reading “Home Sentiment Pillow in Traditional Embroidery”