• Tuesday , 27 June 2017

Spring Party Dress – Free Embroidery Patterns

Free Embroidery Patterns - Party Dress

Every girl dreams of a special party dress. This sweet little number is the first in a series of free embroidery patterns we’ll be treating stitchers to here on the NeedleKnowledge® site, and features a dreamy party dress with a pink sash and rosebuds scattered on the skirt.

The design is worked in a variety of embroidery stitches, all of which area easy to work and can be found on the Basic Embroidery Stitches page.

Additional free embroidery patterns in this series, as well as additional patterns can be found on the Patterns & Projects page, available in a variety of needlework types.

Materials Needed:

Download the Spring Dress PDF Pattern. Transfer the pattern to the fabric and embroider the design using 2 strands of the 6-strand floss in your needle for all stitching.

Stitches used in the sample include stem stitch to outline the dress in color 603, and outlined satin stitch in color 603 with highlights in 601 used for the bow and in the band at the neck and sleeve areas. For best results, use a laying tool while working satin stitch.

Use French knots for randomly-placed rose buds, pink underskirt and the sleeve and neck area
trim  in color 605.

Detached chain stitch was used for the rosebud leaves in color 989. Back stitch in color 168 was used for the hanger.

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