Yellow Blossoms Sheets Free Embroidery Pattern

Free Embroidery Pattern - Yellow Blossoms SheetsStitch a dainty design on a set of ready-made bed sheets using this free embroidery pattern, Add a bit of lace and ribbon, and you have your own designer sheets, created by you!  The colors can easily be adapted to your own decor, and the repeating design in easy to stitch using just stem and detached chain – or a partial lazy daisy.

Materials Needed:
  • Ready-made sheet set in white
  • 3 to 5 skeins (depending on size of sheets) of DMC colors 444 Canary Yellow Dark, 783 Topaz Medium, 993 Jade Light and 991 Jade
  • Embroidery needles, size 10
  • oval embroidery hoop (easier to use on a border than a round hoop)
  • Flat lace trim and 1/4” ribbon (optional)

Download the Yellow Blossoms Sheets PDF Pattern.

Pre-wash the sheets to removing the starchy coating.  Transfer the design to the fabric using a water-soluble
fabric marking pencil or pen, repeating the design as needed to fill the border areas of the top sheet and
pillow case(s).

Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop.  Use 2 strands of 6-strand floss to embroidery and a size 10
embroidery needle. Embroider the designs in stem stitch and a detached chain or partial lazy daisy stitch.

If desired, add lace to the edges of the items, or a ribbon trim. Remove the pattern markings by laundering the sheets before use.

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