• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Embroidered Easter Egg SAL – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the 2014 embroidered Easter Egg SAL! Today I’m finishing up the embroidered bands on the egg.

If you missed the previous parts of the SAL, you can find them on the 2014 Easter Egg Project page. I’ll be adding this information to the main page as well, in case you want to print everything together. Sometimes I just need to make life easier…

The next band on the egg that I worked featured the double herringbone stitch, working it in 3 strands of 954 and 209.

embroidered easter egg - double herringbone band

I worked the first pass in 209, and the second pass in 954. Notice that the first “leg” of stitch in 954 passes over the previous stitching, while the second “leg” of the stitch passes under the previous stitching.

embroidered easter egg - double herringbone band 2

The bands directly above and below the double herringbone bands are made simply, using a double row of running stitches. This was worked using a solid orange thread that coordinates with color 4120. Then, I laced the stitch with 4075. Again, 3 strands of each color were used throughout.


Next, I worked the zigzag chain stitch in the band at the bottom of the egg.  I used three strands of 954. Easy peasy lemon squeezy…

Embroidered Easter Egg - zigzag chain stitch

The top cap of the egg is stitched using a variety of simple embroidery stitches. I’ve used back stitch  in 3 strands of color 351 for the top band and for the zig-zag lines I’ve used 3 strands of 954 and 4075.


The groupings of 3 detached chain stitches for the blossoms were stitching using 3 strands of 209.

The last thing I worked were the French knots. working them last allows them to stay fresh and neat without a lot of handling. Knots can be funny that way…


I worked the French knots using 3 strands of floss, using color 351 at the top of each blossom in the top cap, and using 4075 along the center band (the very first band we stitched).


The embroidered Easter egg is now completely stitched. Now I’m going to soak it in a basin of soapy water, rinse, and lay flat to dry to completely remove the water-soluble marking pen.  While the piece is still slightly damp, I’ll lay it face-down on a fluffy terrycloth towel and iron it from the back, being careful not to flatten my stitches.

The egg can now be finished. If you want to finish it as a puffed ornament, you can visit the tutorial here.

Happy Stitching!