• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Kitchen Towel Fabrics

Fabulous Fabrics for Kitchen Towels

Last week I was running a bit early on my way to pick up hubby at the airport, so I decided to pop into the fabric store for a few minutes. I have some ideas that I’ve been kicking around for kitchen towel designs, and the store is relatively close. Besides, I had a half hour to kill.

In most cases I just buy ready-made towels in solid colors and embroidery on them – easy peasy lemon squeazy.  I’ve posted a freebie you can stitch here. Using pre-made towels is easy – no muss, no fuss, and I have new embroidered kitchen towels PDQ.

Kitchen Towels featured in Embroidery BasicsOther times I work the embroidery on fabric and create an applique on the towel, like these ones I featured in Embroidery Basics. After pre-washing the towels and fabric, I made rectangular embroidered applies, attached using a blanket stitch edge.

Making appliques is a great way to make a pretty towel using colors or fabrics when embroidery doesn’t show up well. The embroidery would have been lost in the loopy terrycloth towels and bright colors.

Anyway, back to the fabric store… In the utility fabric area I found some kitchen towel fabric that I have not seen before. Kitchen Towel Fabrics at Fabric DepotThe fabric is is produced by Moda, and is a much heavier weight than standard toweling. It “felt” good.

Granted, I haven’t been in this section for a while because years ago I bough several yards each of the basic stuff with the stripes along each side in multiple colors – like the third bolt from the left in the smaller image – and I had to use that up before purchasing more toweling.

But this fabric is special – it reminded me of the vintage tea towels I spotted at flea markets in France while my hubby and I were there for a long stint for business reasons. Since that was one of my favorite life experiences, I just had to get some of it.

I’ve purchased a few yards in two complimenting styles, and will be designing something special for them, using basic embroidery stitches. Progress will be posted here on the blog, and I’m open to suggestions.

I’ll post this one as a stitch-along (SAL) so if you’re interested in following along, now is a great time to gather your supplies! I’m aiming for something French-looking (is that a term?), worked in red floss, with a secondary color to compliment – I’ll be using cream and red on the ecru towel and ecru and red on the cream towel.