• Saturday , 19 August 2017

Basic Finishing – Puffed Ornament

Basic Finishing - Puffed OrnamentCheck out the NEW basic finishing tutorial that shows you how to make a puffed, ornament step-by-step.You can find it using the link below, or by visiting the KnowledgeNuggets section of the web site.

Small circle, oval and egg-shaped projects look prettiest when finished as puffed ornaments. A puffed ornament finish shows off the embroidery to its fullest and mimics the shape of the item the ornament is modeled after.

This technique uses layers of filler, built from the bottom upwards to make a convex shape. It’s puffy in the center, with the filling tapering outwards towards the edges of the shape.  I’ve used an Easter egg, but the same method can be used for any shape.

…and heads-up – the Easter egg shown will be featured in a a FREE Stitch-A-Long (SAL) the first week of March!