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Needlepoint Finishing – Basic Bracelet

Any rectangular strip of needlepoint can be finished as a bracelet. It’s a terrific way to use up small scraps of needlepoint canvas and yarn, and a great way to add a new piece to your wardrobe!

This Knowledge Nugget features needlepoint finishing information for making a basic bracelet.  This particular tutorial features a simple band with an elastic spacer, making a flexible band that can easily be slipped on and off the wrist without any buttons, hooks or other closures.

There are many ways to finish a bracelet or any other type of needlework project, and every designer has their favorite method. This is just one of many different ways of transforming a strip of needlework into wearable art.

I’ve used the design I created for the Spring Counted Needlepoint freebie as the bracelet. You can get the free pattern here. For other fun designs you can stitch using a variety of techniques, visit the Free Patterns and Projects page.  Stitching tutorials can be found on The Stitches page.


The supplies are basic and most of them are shown below – all you need are needle and thread to match your project, fusible (iron-on) craft stabilizer such as Pellon® Craft-Fuse®, wool felt to coordinate with the project, cutting tools and a hot iron.

 Cut the stabilizer so that it completely covers the back side of the stitched area. The stabilizer should next extend into the un-stitched canvas area. Fuse it in place with a hot iron, referring to the manufacturer’s directions on the packaging.
 Trim down the canvas so that it extends 4 threads from the edges of the stitched area. Do this on all 4 sides. Next, cut a piece of soft felt the exact size as the trimmed canvas. This will be the lining/backing for the bracelet.

Next, cut two strips of 1/4-inch wide elastic measuring 1.5 inches. Pin them to one end of the canvas, spacing them equal distances from the side edges, on the right side of the canvas.

Place the backing/lining fabric over the canvas and stitch along the two long sides and the end that does not have the elastic. If using the sewing machine, stitch with the canvas facing upwards, stitch in the ditch between the stitched area and the first unstitched thread in the canvas. Stitch slowly to stay on track. Clip the corners of the fabrics close to but not through the lines of stitching on all 4 sides.

Turn the tube right side out and press. Tuck the canvas and lining fabric on the open end into the tube to hide the seam allowance.

NK_05InsertElasticEndsInsert the ends of the elastic into the open end of the tube. Hand stitch the elastic in place, and stitch the end of the tube closed using matching sewing thread.

NK_06FinishedBraceletThe bracelet is now ready to wear  and enjoy!



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