• Sunday , 24 September 2017

A Nugget Worth Repeating – Printing Patterns Full-Size

Printing Patterns Full-Size UPDATE! I’ve added a test page to help you find the correct settings on your system.

Whenever possible, we have provided the patterns on this site full-size and ready for use. Therefore, they need to be printed properly to be able to use them. It’s important that you know and understand your printer’s settings, so that you can fully enjoy the patterns the way they were intended.

To help you with Printing Patterns full-size, I’ve posted a page of tips in the Knowledge Nuggets area. Feel free to print these instructions and keep them handy.

Printing patterns full-size is especially important for quilting and sewing projects, or when an item needs to be the exact size indicated in the pattern.

Remember – each printer is different and settings vary widely across different brands. If you have problems printing patterns, or your printer is still scaling down the patterns after reading this material, please refer to your owners’ manual, as the NeedleKnowledge site not provide tech support (I’m not qualified, lol…) . A quick web search for your printer model will also yield information on your equipment.

Looking for free patterns? You can find printable patterns on the Free Patterns and Projects page.