• Saturday , 19 August 2017

Stitch of the Week – Chevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch SampleOur stitch of the week is one of my favorite needlepoint stitches. The Chevron Stitch is worked in upright rows of varying lengths, in multiple colors.

The stitches are worked in up and down undulating, diagonal rows or waves, and the stitch is often used in bargello projects. Use the chevron stitch to fill an area, or in rows to make an interesting band or border.

You can use two or more colors in this stitch. In this example I have used three Spring colors, but any combination looks really pretty when worked in this stitch. Try it in Summer or Autumn colors, or work it in Christmas colors of red, white and green.

A monotone version of the chevron stitch, using stitches worked in varying shades of the same color, would look awesome!

Notice that the smallest stitches need to cover 2 threads of canvas. If you work them over just one, the small stitches get lost. However, if you are using Penelope canvas, you can definitely stitch over one, since the 2-thread weave of the canvas will give the stitches support.