• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Experimental Stitching – Needlepoint Doodles

Experimential Stitching - NeedlepointExperimental stitching is one of my favorite take-alongs projects while traveling. It’s often the only time I have for just letting my mind wander.

This time I’ve been doodling with needlepoint in solid colors.

I needed to quickly stuff something in my handbag for a trip, and since I had a few bits of canvas scraps that had already been taped off sitting on my desk, and some pearl cotton close by. That’s what got stuffed in my little clear zippered, airport-ready bag.

Here’s what I came up with during two 5-hour flights.

They’re small – about 5 or 6 inches square… I’m not sure if they’re decent enough to post as free patterns in the Needlepoint section of the NeedleKnowledge site, but I thought I’d share them with you so you can see just a few of my scraps of experimental stitching.

And heads-up – I’ll be uploading all the of the needlepoint stitch diagrams I’ve been working on next week!