• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Free Needlepoint Patterns

NK_Mono1Last week I made four small needlepoint doodles – sketches in thread – while traveling, and promised I would post the patterns. These are now ready for you to download and stitch!

I’ve made four different needlepoint patterns, each of them featuring a different square motif using a variety of counted needlepoint stitches, as an exercise in stitch experimentation.

Stitching the Free Needlepoint PatternsThey helped me pass the time, along with a glass of bourbon (or two… I lost count after the first 3 hours of the flight), as I sat glued to my seat. Thank goodness for first class.

The only supplies needed are squares of brown, 14-count mono canvas about 8×8 inches each, DMC size 5 pearl cotton and a tapestry needle. Be sure to tape off the edges of the canvas so it doesn’t fray, and to prevent the thread from snagging on the rough edges.

Free Needlepoint Patterns in progressEach of the four free needlepoint patterns is given as a PDF and features the full pattern and an image of the finished needlepoint stitch experiment. You can access them from the needlepoint page, or from this page.

Meanwhile, here on the blog I’ve decided to include some photos I snapped of Chart 3 in progress. I started with the basic supplies that I brought with me in a small zippered “airport friendly” bag, and took several while stitching.

NK_Mono4I was using my iPhone, so they’re not the best quality. But it is fun to watch the hank of pearl cotton dwindling away…