Stitch of the Week – Brighton Stitch

It was difficult to get anything new posted this week, with the arrival of our third grand baby on Monday. I had intended to post a hand embroidery stitch used in an interesting way, but instead had to make do by posting a needlepoint stitch that was ready for use.

Therefore, this week’s stitch of the week is the Brighton Stitch – a pretty, textured stitch made using groups of three diagonal stitches of varying lengths with an upright cross stitch at the center.

Work the stitch in two colors. The first color is used for the four groups of diagonal stitches, and the second for the center area.

If you experiment with Brighton stitch, you’ll find that if you reverse the colors – for example using the yellow for the diagonal stitches and blue in the center – you’ll find that the stitch has a completely different vibe.  You could even work the central, upright cross stitches in multiple confetti-like colors – perfect for a filling in an Easter project.

Use the stitch to fill areas of a needlepoint design, or in rows to make a band or border.

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