Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 4

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Reindeer BlockWe’re moving right along on the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL and have already pieced the Holly Blocks and the Star Blocks. This week we’re cutting and stitching the two Reindeer Blocks.

To make the blocks, download the patterns for Part 4. If you’ve missed and of the previous 3 parts, you can find them on the Christmas Memories SAL Main Page. Continue Reading “Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 4”

Christmas Memories SAL – Part 3

In Part 3 of the Christmas Memories SAL we’re cutting and assembling the Star Blocks for the quilt. These blocks are used at the corners of the inner area of the quilt. Click here if you’ve missed any of the previous parts of the SAL. The link will take you to the main SAL page.

To make the blocks, download the PDF pattern for Part 3 and cut the following:

From the pale gold fabric cut sixteen (16) aa pieces. Reverse the pattern and cut an additional sixteen (16) aa pieces reversed from the deep gold fabric. From the deep blue fabric cut sixteen (16) Y squares and sixteen (16) bb triangles.

Christmas Memories SAL Part 3 - Star Block Step 1 Continue Reading “Christmas Memories SAL – Part 3”

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 1

Christmas Memories - Materials NeededPart 1 of the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL has posted, and features the Materials List and Color Key for the free quilt pattern.

Gather your supplies and pre-wash and press all of your fabrics before starting the project. This will avoid any shrinkage when laundering the finished quilt, and will remove any excess dyes.

The quilt contains 14 different fabrics. Feel free to use fat quarters or fabrics from your stash in this project. With the exception of the borders and sashing, as long as they total the yardage needed, they can be used.

Note that each section of the quilt during the SAL will feature a PDF pattern you can download here on the Christmas Memories Quilt Project Page or from each blog post.  If you miss a blog post, visit the project page for the items you’ve missed.

Christmas Memories - Color KeyOnce the SAL has been completed, the individual PDFs will be replaced with a single PDF featuring the entire project – this will make it easier to print for later use. A general break-down of the project is as follows:

  • Part 1 – Materials List and Color Key
  • Part 2 – Cutting the borders and sashing, cutting and piecing the Holly Blocks
  • Part 3 – Cutting and piecing the Star Blocks
  • Part 4 – Cutting and piecing the Reindeer Blocks
  • Part 5 – Cutting and piecing the Tree Blocks
  • Part 6 – Cutting and piecing the central Santa Block
  • Part 7 – Assembling the Quilt Top
  • Part 8 – Finishing the Quilt

Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4

We’ve ready to complete the project! This week, in the Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4 we’re stitching the border around the completed flag. If you’ve missed any of the other 3 parts of the SAL, you can find them here. Also, to make it easy for you to print and save the project for later use, I’ll be posting a single-page PDF of the charts.

As for the previous steps in the project, we’re using 2 strands of the blue 6-strand floss in the needle. If you have made a thread substitution in the project, continue using the same weight of thread.

Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4 Continue Reading “Counted Thread Flag SAL Part 4”

Stitch of the Week – Tent Stitch

The Tent Stitch is a type of tent stitch, and is the most basic of all needlepoint stitches, forming a single, diagonal stitch over an intersection of canvas. There are three main types of Tent Stitch, each has a different degree of cover, pros and cons, and uses.

Here are the nitty gritty basics You can learn more about working the stitches, see what they look like from both the back and front sides of your work, and access diagrams for each stitch on the main Tent Stitch page. Continue Reading “Stitch of the Week – Tent Stitch”

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 2

NK_ChristmasMemoriesDetailWelcome to Part 2 of the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL. Today we’re cutting the sashing and border strips (we’ll set them aside for later use), and cutting and assembling the Holly Blocks.

Download the pattern for Part 2 – Be sure to follow the instructions for Printing Patterns Full-Size Knowledge Nugget as precise piecing is necessary – a test PDF has been provided, and I highly recommend you test your printer settings before printing the actual patterns and cutting your fabrics.

All seam allowances are 1/4 inch and are included in the given measurements. Press seams as you work, and always press towards the darker fabrics whenever possible. Smaller pieces can be Finger Pressed as you stitch to save time and trips to the ironing board. Continue Reading “Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 2”

Stitch of the Week – Long Armed Cross Stitch

This week I thought I’d post Long Armed Cross Stitch as our Stitch of the Week since we’ll be using it in Part 3 of the Counted Thread Flag SAL.

Long armed cross stitch is worked in bands or rows, and is worked similar to a basic herringbone stitch with a few exceptions. These exceptions are that one leg of the stitch is longer than the other, and the stitches all touch each other at the corners. Continue Reading “Stitch of the Week – Long Armed Cross Stitch”