Fabric Flowers in a Frame

Fabric Flowers in a FrameThis Spring project can help you use up an assortment of crafty odds and ends.  Use leftover scraps of quilting fabrics and half-used bottles of acrylic craft paint, and raid your stash for buttons to be used as the flower centers.

You can get as creative as you want while painting the frame and pots. Add stripes and polka dots, or paint them solid colors – the choice is yours! Continue Reading “Fabric Flowers in a Frame”

Algerian Stitch and Variations

The Algerian Stitch is most commonly seen worked as an eyelet stitch, but there is also a plaited version that is similar to a fish bone stitch.

When working the Algerian stitch as an eye or eyelet, the stitch can be worked over any number of threads in the canvas. When worked over a single thread, the result is a very small star that has the illusion of a large center opening. When worked over two or more thread, it looks more like a double cross stitch with a small hole in the center. Continue Reading “Algerian Stitch and Variations”

Experimenting with Needlepoint Patterns

If  you’ve been looking for a small project that you can tuck in your handbag to bring along on trips or errands, these little needlepoint doodles are perfect. They’re small, easy to tote with you and fun to stitch. I made 3 of the 4 different designs while on two 5-hour flights, with my supplies tucked into a small, clear zippered makeup case – always easier to get my tiny little embroidery scissors through security this way! Continue Reading “Experimenting with Needlepoint Patterns”

Keren Middle Eastern Needlepoint Pillow

Needlepoint and Canvaswork - Keren pillow

Stitch the Keren Middle Eastern inspired needlepoint project on mono canvas in basic continental or basketweave tent stitches. Eight colors of tapestry wool are used in this project, and while easy to stitch, the pattern is intended for intermediate stitchers due to the number of color changes that are required while following the charted design. Continue Reading “Keren Middle Eastern Needlepoint Pillow”

Embroidered Easter Egg SAL – Part 2

NK_EggFinalWelcome to Part 2 of our first annual Embroidered Easter Egg SAL. In this stitch-a-long (SAL), we’re using traditional, hand embroidery stitches to make a simple egg that can be finished as a puffed ornament. You can get the free pattern here.

In Part 1 of the SAL, we selected our thread colors, printed the pattern and marked the fabric.  This week, we’re on to the stitching, starting with the center band of the egg. Continue Reading “Embroidered Easter Egg SAL – Part 2”

Starry Night Stitch (AKA: Milky Way)

The Starry Night stitch – sometimes known as the Milky Way stitch, looks fabulous when worked on dark sky areas of a canvas in white and a secondary color.  It positively twinkles like a sky full of stars!

The starry night stitch is worked in horizontal rows, starting at the left and working to the right for odd numbered rows. Turn the canvas over to work the even-numbered rows in the opposite direction.

Starry Night or Milky Way StitchTo return to the needlepoint stitches page, click here.

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