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Christmas Memories Quilt SAL – Part 6

SantaBlockPart4This week in the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL we are making the Santa block, which is made in separate sections including the head, left and right arms, the center body, head and legsections.The block forms the center of the quilt and is the largest block.

This is also the final block before assembling the quilt top.

We have already cut and assembled the holly blocks, star blocks, the reindeer and tree blocks. If you have missed any part of the SAL, click the link for the main SAL page given in the paragraph below.

Download Part 6 of the Christmas Memories Quilt SAL. Referring to the Color Key and the Main SAL Page, cut the pieces indicated below.

Cut the following pieces for the single Santa Block:
  • From the light blue print cut two (2) A pieces, two (2) L pieces, one (1) D piece, one (1) Ipiece and one (1) reversed (r) I piece, one (1) H piece and one (1) reversed (r) H piece and one (1) S piece.
  • From the deep blue fabric cut two (2) A pieces.
  • From the pale peach fabric cut three (3) C pieces and two (2) E pieces.
  • From the pale pink fabric cut one (1) A piece.
  • From the black fabric cut two (2) J pieces.
  • From the deep green fabric cut two (2) P pieces.
  • From the off-white fabric cut one (1) F piece. Transfer markings to the piece.
  • From the white fabric cut one (1) D strip, one (1) M strip, one (1) N strip and two (2) Pstrips.
  • From the red fabric cut one (1) R piece and one (1) reversed (r) R piece. Cut two (2) Opieces,
    one (1) G piece, one (1) D piece, two (2) B pieces, two (2) P pieces and two (2) K pieces.
Assemble the Santa Block:

Using a 1/4″ seam allowance and off-white thread, assemble the block.

To make Santa’s hat section, stitch one blue H and one reversed H to the red G triangle (Fig. 12). Stitch one blue L to one red R, white P,
Green Q, and one red P piece to make Santa’s left arm (Fig. 13).

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Assembly 2

Stitch the hat section above the arm unit to make a strip. This is the left-hand side of the Santa block (Fig. 14). Assemble Santa’s right-hand
side by making a mirror image of Santa’s left arm (using the reversed I and R pieces) and topping off with a blue S piece (Fig. 15).

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Assembly 3Stitch one red and one white D strip together. Alternate two deep blue A pieces with 3 pale peach C pieces. Stitch one pale peach E piece to
each side of one red A piece. Stitch these three units together to form Santa’s head (Fig. 16)

Stitch one red B triangle to each lower corner of the white F piece. transfer markings to Fpiece (Fig. 17) to make the beard section. Stitch
one red O piece to each side of the white N piece to make the belly section (Fig. 18).

Stitch the head section, beard section and belly section together to form Santa’s body. Stitch the left and right arm section to Santa’s body.

Christmas Memories Quilt SAL - Assembly 1

To make the leg sections, stitch the L, KA and J units together – one facing left and one facing right (Fig. 19).

Stitch the leg sections to each side of the blue D strip and stitch the white M strip across the top of the resulting unit (Fig 20) to make the leg section. Stitch the leg section to Santa’s body section (Fig. 21 – at the top of the page) to complete the Santa Block.

Next week, we’ll be assembling the quilt top as Part 7!

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